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When it Comes to Wedding Necklaces, Choose Wisely

Posted: Apr 11 2016

If the dress makes the wedding, then some might say the wedding necklace and other jewelry make the dress. You may have seen your fair share of bride blunders when it comes to wedding necklaces and other jewelry. So here are a few rules to study before choosing the jewelry for your wedding.

Many women may not know this, but it is important to match certain metals with your dress color. As a general rule, gold should be the jewelry of choice when wearing an ivory-colored dress. A pure white dress calls for silver or platinum jewelry, but pearls are also perfectly acceptable. If you have chosen an off-white dress, then opt for rose gold or yellow gold jewelry.

Accessories add a unique touch to your overall look, but it is all too easy to go a little overboard. That is, there is no reason you need earrings, a necklace, a sash and a tiara, that would be considered overkill. For example, if your wedding dress already has an ornate neckline, forget the necklace and opt for matching earrings instead. After all, you don’t want one part of your body to look too busy.

When considering how to best accessorize, think beyond the necklace and earrings. That is, adding a sash or belt to your ensemble will add personality to your dress as well as the illusion of curves. A metallic leather belt or satin sash will give your dress an instant upgrade. However, don’t choose anything more than three inches wide as you don’t want to overpower your dress.

Lastly, even though it is going to be your very special day, don’t stray too far from your normal style.

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