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The Do’s and Do Not's When it Comes to Wedding Necklaces

Posted: Apr 11 2016

You put an awful lot of effort into choosing the perfect wedding dress, you need to put just as much effort into choosing your wedding necklace and other jewelry and accessories. In our last post, we touched upon the do’s and do not's when it comes to wedding necklaces and other jewelry. Here are a few more thoughts to take into consideration when accessorizing your wedding dress.

When choosing the jewelry you want to wear with your wedding dress, try not to get too matchy-matchy. That is, it is quite alright to mix and match your jewelry. So go ahead and pair that new wedding necklace from Ily Couture with your grandmother’s earrings, just make sure there are a little similarity and cohesiveness. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to blend something borrowed with something new.

Adding a necklace to a one-shoulder gown is not recommended. It will give you a look of unbalance and it ruins the interesting dress line. Instead, opt for a nice pair of earrings.

Though it will help you keep up with your very busy wedding day schedule, leave the watch in the jewelry box. Just think of all of those close-up shots of your hands, the ones where you are holding the bouquet, wearing the wedding band and holding hands at the altar, all with a watch in the spotlight.

Lastly, give yourself plenty of time to perfect your accessories. All too often, wedding jewelry is simply lumped together with no thought whatsoever.

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