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Here are a Few Trendy Clothing Items Every Woman Should Own

Posted: Apr 25 2016

Having a well-stocked wardrobe is every woman's dream. But this doesn’t mean you have to have a closet stuffed with clothes when just a few basic essentials will do rather well. Here are a few trendy clothing items every woman should own.

Every woman needs at least one pair of good jeans in her closet. Now, not every pair of jeans is the same, you need to find the jeans that fit you right. You need to take into consideration body type when shopping for jeans if you want the right fit.

The little black dress is the classic staple for your go-to dress for all types of occasions. Just remember that your little black dress should be equal parts sexy and classy.

In addition to a few basic t-shirts of varying colors, every woman should have at least a couple of graphic t-shirts. Graphic Ts, like our pineapple shirt, are fun and versatile.

Your basic button down shirt goes with almost everything and should, therefore, be a closet staple. For example, a white blouse can be worn in a casual environment or can be paired with more dressy outfits.

Black goes with everything and every wardrobe should be stocked with a pair of black pants. Black pants always look good whatever you pair them with and they offer a slimming effect.

A pencil skirt is a must for your wardrobe as it looks good on every body type and is an easy way to dress up your look.

A well-stocked wardrobe doesn’t have to be an overflowing wardrobe. These few essentials will allow you to dress to impress each and every day of the week.

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