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If You Want to Look Cool This Summer, We Suggest Wearing Our Pineapple Tank Top

Posted: Jun 23 2016

There are print trends that are associated with every season. Then there are print trends that are associated with all the seasons because they are really that popular. Pineapple fashion is all the rage this summer, as it was last spring and last winter as well. The ubiquitous pineapple, a fruit that is so cool it makes you look cool when you wear it, on a shirt that is. So if you want to look cool this summer, we suggest wearing our pineapple tank top. And if you are a big fan of the pineapple, here are a few pineapple accessories to look into buying.

Yes, we know it’s the middle of summer, but why wait until the last minute to buy a pineapple ornament for your Christmas tree? Nobody knows for sure just why the pineapple is associated with the holidays, but this neat little ornament will give your Christmas tree a festive and fun look.

What’s not to love about this pineapple case for your iPhone? It's making us happy just looking at it.

You can have a never-ending vacation in your home with a couple of these fun, tropical pineapple candles. They look just as great on your shelf as they do when they are lit.

What better way to brighten any room than with a lovely pineapple lamp. Equally at home in a casual environment or a more refined setting, you will spend hours gazing at its beauty.

These pineapple earrings are whimsical and fun to wear every day. They also go great with our pineapple shirt.

So start your collection of pineapple gear today!

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