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Snag One of Our Pineapple Shirts or Pineapple Tank Tops Today

Posted: Jun 23 2016

Are you obsessed with pineapples? OK, maybe you aren’t obsessed with pineapples, you just think they are a great fruit and love the fact we slapped a picture of one on our Pineapple Tank Top. But just why all the hype over pineapple products? Well, here are a few reasons why people are going gaga over the pineapple.

According to some legends, after a long journey at sea, the Captain of the ship would spear and display a pineapple outside his home as an invitation to stop on in and chat for a bit, share some food and ale and listen to the tales of his adventures at sea.

Pineapples are tasty and can be served many ways. You might like pineapples on your pizza or grilled and placed on your chicken sandwich. Pineapples are the perfect summertime food.

Not only do pineapples taste simply amazing, they are good for you as well. Pineapples are full of bromelain, a mixture of enzymes that reduce inflammation, aid digestion and is a natural muscle relaxant. Pretty awesome!

Pineapples are an exotic fruit. Grab one at your supermarket and carry it to the checkout with pride.

It takes anywhere from a year-and-a-half to two years for a pineapple tree to grow a single fruit, which is why you need to savor every bite.

Not only will eating pineapple give you a boost of energy, wearing a pineapple on your shirt will give you and everybody around you a smile. So snag one of our pineapple shirts or pineapple tank tops today!

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